We Are One


It’s our 1st Anniversary and to celebrate we want to give you stuff! We’ll be posting our party games here and on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. All you have to do to to take part is follow the instructions and your name will be entered for a chance to win that particular prize. Enter as many as you like, make friends and family who don’t like jewellery join in to give you more chances, create multiple fake social media accounts to enhance your chances… we really don’t mind. Like all good birthdays we plan on dragging this one out as long as possible so unless otherwise started you have until 11am next Saturday to take part. After that we’ll pick the winners and let you know. Even if you don’t win don’t be too disappointed, everyone who takes part will get a digital goodie bag to enjoy.

You can start right now by finding our party invite on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and sharing/retweeting/pinning it for a chance to win your very own Bonesy Jr skull ring.

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